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Creating Value

We believe in creating a healthy future for our farmers and customers alike. We are dedicated to creating a sustainable future for small-scale farmers by connecting them with global markets. Our innovative agricultural solutions not only ensure excellence in produce but also empower farmers to build a prosperous tomorrow.

Reliable Partnerships

We believe in the power of strong partnerships. We work closely with farmers in out-grower programs, providing essential resources, expertise, and support. We collect, grade, pack and export. We ensure success for our farmers and foster mutually beneficial relationships.

Quality Produce

We aim to deliver fresh produce that is of the highest quality. Our team works hard to ensure that all of our farmers adhere to the necessary good agricultural practice standards, to deliver the highest quality product for all our local, regional and international markets.

Investing in sustainable fresh produce

Zimbabwe now supplies 5 000 tonnes a year, joining the market as the biggest exporter of blueberries in the SADC region.
French / Fine Beans
Grown in Rusitu and Burma Valley during winter, fine beans are full of vitamins, antioxidants, and fibre, making them an essential crop for its nutrition and health benefits.
Garden Peas
The difference between Sugar Snap, Mange Tout peas and garden peas?

Garden peas are sometimes called sweet peas or English peas. The pods are firm and rounded, but must be shelled, remove the peas inside, then discard the pods before eating.
Garden peas are sweet and may be eaten raw or cooked.

Garlic production in Zimbabwe is and should be on the rise, supplying a local, regional, and international market.
Grown in the Rusitu Valley of Chimanimani, Zimbabwe pineapples are improving nutrition for the country, and income levels for small-scale farmers.
KUMINDA yemu Zimbabwe, broccoli thrives best during the winter months and can be harvested twice a year, typically from February to August.
Sugar Snap Peas
Being one of the most strategic vegetables and a hassle free to grow, pea export for Zimbabwe has grown since 2009.
Mixed Veg Basket
Sourced responsibly from small SME farmers & grown under local good agricultural practices for the local market.
Situated in the Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe, Chipinge earns its place at the heart of avocado farming, producing a world class product.
Mange Tout
Being able to thrive in most soil types allows more Zimbabwean farmers to make a living from growing mange tour.
Spring Onion
Spring onions have a range of health benefits and are a nutritious addition to your diet, supporting digestion, cold prevention, blood sugar regulation, and heart health.
Mixed Fruit Basket
Sourced responsibly from small SME farmers & grown under local good agricultural practices for the local market.

Who we are

We believe that working with small and medium enterprises is essential to developing the agricultural sector in Africa. We are committed to providing our farmers with the resources they need to succeed, and to creating a sustainable, efficient, and equitable food system. 

Kuminda aims to help small-scale farmers to access the export market for their fresh produce. Kuminda works with the farmers in out-grower programs to grade and package produce, supply local and regional markets, as well as export to the EU and UK markets. Combined with helping farmers get their produce to market, Kuminda provides knowledge and support so that farmers can learn how to deliver fruit and vegetables that meet global quality standards.

“Kuminda” is the Shona word meaning at the farms. Africa’s agricultural development starts at the farms. Kuminda is a transnational company committed to Africa’s agricultural development. Founded in Zimbabwe, we work with farms of all sizes, from family-run enterprises to large commercial operations. With the aim of improving livelihoods and building capacity within the agricultural sector.



A continent livelihood enhancement through fair, ethical growing & trade in fresh produce.


Sustainable excellence & returns in our services, ensuring global fresh produce trade within international standards and procedures.


Decision-making and business operations established upon;

        • Continuous
        • Improvement
        • Honesty and Integrity
        • Client focus
        • Creativity and Innovation
        • Accountability
        • Quality Produce

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